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This approach was friendly presented to me by Mylène Ryon, further to various exchanges and looks interesting  as it can be done and  followed by a great number of people, no matter if they have any skills or talents in Arts; and can present an alternative therapy for people wishing to reconnect their spirit, mind and body, through a simple contact or reconnecting it  with their feelings and senses,by practicing quite basical moves and beeing coached to achieve it..

It happens quite often that an excess of stress, may overload your mind which become obsessed by recurrent and permanent thoughts, leadind to an increasing anxiety, which itself  cuts all links between beeing aware and feeling your own emotions that in such case have no other issue than expressing some psychosomatical signals, which themselves will also inflate stress and associated disorders.

Hereafter  how she handles it :

Objective ? Improve your emotional intelligence

There is a link between our mind and our body, a bidirectional link :

–         Stress can trigger eczema (example of link mind -> body) ;

–         Sports practice can help people to free their mind and feel more serene (example of link body -> mind).

Emotions are messages between our body and our mind.

We mustn’t be afraid of our emotions. Emotions are signals that we need to feel to react to a given situation. For example, how do you want to protect yourself from danger if you do not feel the fear ?

Our emotional intelligence is our ability to listen, to recognize, to control and express our emotions.

Improve our emotional intelligence is necessary to open our mind, to feel strong, to enable people to know us better and to help us to face and react to people emotions.

The emotional intelligence is simply the intelligence of human relations

How ? By using the movement in order to experiment with your body, and then to transfer to your mind

 We can lie with our words (verbal language), but we can not lie with our body (body language). Our body never lies.

As a result, everything we feel with our body is authentic.

And everything we feel with our body can be transferred to our mind.

During my workshops, I propose to experiment with our body the basics of the movement, and then to transfer to our mind the sensations felt during the exercises.

The foundations of the movement are directly linked to different matters :

Rhythm is related to self-esteem, self-confidence, adaptability

Space is related to our ability to find our own key resources, to move forward, to overcome difficulties

Weight is related to trust in other people, responsibilities management, ability to delegate, ability to let it go

Contact is related to ability to open up to others, to work within a team.

Example of exercise done during my workshops

Experiment with your body : let’s walk while looking at our feet, then walk while looking in front of us as far as we can.

In which case do we make the biggest steps ? …

Transposition to our mind : if we wish to move forward making big steps in our life, we have to set to us a goal to achieve. We have to authorize us to dream, and to make high dreams.

The higher the dream will be, the further the goal to achieve will be, the bigger the steps we will do to make it happen will be.

This approach of coaching (personal development through the movement), done during group workshops, allows us to work on relationship to ourself and to others in a dynamic, fun and original way.

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 Mylène Gautron Ryon,

NLP Coach, dance-therapist

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